Friday, 14 June 2019


Stepping forward in armour
Breathing mystery
Every path she treads
Guarding defensively

Dry eyes – wet eyes
Unseen insecurity
A mask behind the makeup
She is weak when lonely

Is it too late to turn around?
A silent kind of busy
Dancing away doubt
Nearly holding everybody

She makes herself be herself
Willing and unashamedly
Sunshine isn’t far away
Making dreams reality

© F Reynolds 15/6/19

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Trees without leaves

A garden can sculpt a love
Moulding mountainous beauty
As I touch winter’s emotion
With earth-hands and sky

My eyes dance around
The drooping sheoaks
And a Willie Wagtail
Breaks the perfect silence

I see a sea of colours
Inside a woody green forest
God’s European hills
Sometimes visit me

Gardens give us poetry
A fantastical life view
A journey of survival
Like trees without leaves

© F Reynolds 14/6/19

Tuesday, 11 June 2019


On days like these
I see the past at my back
And I stand in sullen emotion
Smiling on the outside

I open windows then
Let the noise drift to me
And if I search everywhere
I don’t need to seek

Losing myself in an image
Of a home that laughed
I pick apart memories
And still never know

Here I am again
In times that don’t last
Wearing a mask of pity
There is sharpness there

Desert in the tongue
Rain in the eyes
Dying for the truth
Living their lies

© F Reynolds 12/6/19

After all this time

An indelible
Collection of words
Leave their mark
On her soul and
Subtle cues tell
Quiet and cruel
Nuances of not

Unopened letters
Were discovered
Stuffed into
The darkest
Recesses of
Overfilled handbags
And in the bottom of
Deep coat pockets

She let the voice
Of her letters be
Her only comfort
As the tinniest
Hint of jazz
Could be heard
On paper playing
To the tunes of
Find your people
And stay put

When she was
Listened to
She felt like she
Had finally spoken

© F Reynolds 11/6/19

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Threading happiness

Take me back again
To simpler times
When days smiled
Upon the earth
And children laughed
Without inhibitions

The blue-black of night
Mellow and dream-like
Sprinkled with stars
Harnessed imagination
And the mirror-moon
Beamed with approval

Inside crystal eyes
Hearts fluttered
And loved to love
Butterflies in the sky
As colourful as rainbows
Kissed the air and
Waltzed into June

Kites would fly high above
And the merry-go-round
Spun all the way back
To innocence and
Fanciful daisy-chains
Threading happiness

© F Reynolds 10/6/19

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Always free

Far from heaven
Prayers on broken stone

The eyes are not here
But between the essence

We whisper together
When I miss home

Then I remember everything
Because I was always free

A light is shining in the dark
And I am learning to be me

© F Reynolds 6/6/19

Sunday, 2 June 2019


I sat and watched
The space of the world
Move outside the window
Of my high school English class

I drowned in confusion
The day I looked into
My teachers’ eyes and
Saw how inconvenient
I had become

Feeling shame twist my stomach
And moaning quiet fears
In those frightening years
My heart operated poorly

My harmless mind
Abandoned hopes
And my sedated soul
Cried secretly for a long time

Fractured and overexposed
For all the world to see
Damaged dreams
Died over time

Irreparable for decades
The poisonous lessons
Some teachers deliver
I survived the let-downs

© F Reynolds 3/6/19