Monday, 14 January 2019

Ethereal flight

Rattled morality
Ignites a tsunami in me
Upheaval insists on
Drawing in chaotic tides
Unbalancing the modalities
I depend upon

Some days the world
Stings to live in
Concrete waves push
Knocking my pitiful soul
Backwards to nowhere
And I submerge for
Deep rest

I walk-float in a
Glitter sea garden
Bathing in crystal
Waters, soothed by
Ocean softness as
I gently bring back my
Whole self to the world

©F Reynolds 15/1/19

Saturday, 12 January 2019

The Milk Bar

Iconic as pubs
Every corner had one
It’s just where you went
For milk and bread
And ciggies too

Here comes the little
Aussie-Greek girl
Hearing my name
Felt like home to
Mr Margaritis

Yia-sou, Fotoula
He would shout
Only he could
Get away with
Announcing me
In that fashion

I was always
Allowed to visit
And stare at the
Shelves filled
With local goodies
And international
Items as well

I travelled to Greece
Each time I entered
My local milk bar
The lollies were
A real treat but
The customer service
Was always first class

©F Reynolds 13/1/19

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Kindness hangs on the apple tree

I am a body of water
Shamelessly waiting
Floating in my own

Home is within myself
Where dreaming and
Sipping tea are still

The sun burnt into
The back of my neck
Turning it hot pink and
Sweat beads rolled

The rain fell like tears
On my face the day
I wanted to make a
Mountain taller

The flowers here call
My garden – home
It is a shared comfort
And I will sleep in her

I will hang your kindness
On the apple tree where
Love and gladness show
Me how to be alive

©F Reynolds 10/1/19

Tuesday, 8 January 2019


My house displays
A stronger-upright
Sense of self-pride
An appreciation of
A levelled ground
No longer leaning
In crooked sadness

Beneath the earth
Concrete footings
Carry a load of
Great proportions
With a precise and
Even surface laid
It will hold a home
Steady… and its
Precious cargo

Our house waited
Patiently for many
Years for us to
Arrive and when we
Claimed it, it claimed
Us too

It deserves devotion
And dedication to
Restore and replenish
We were called, I’m sure
To save its integrity
Its history and
Essentially, its soul

Continued growth upon
Our gracious and humble
Residence excites us and
The rainbow lorikeets who
Screech in the branches of
A flooded gum also wait
For a foundation fit for all

©F Reynolds 9/1/19

Sunday, 6 January 2019

The full journey

I’ve got this garden, see
Where lavender flowers
Effuse a calmness in the air
Jasmine quietly climbs the
Fence and decorates it
Blinding white magnolias
Stun my corneas and
Peonies petals purple-wave
In a Hawaiian fashion

A rich and proud-standing
Bourgeois family of gum trees
Officiates a dance of welcome
The shaking of leaves begins
And the rhododendrons bow
Their ruby-red covered branches
In respect and acceptance of
Their unique and finer qualities
That each holds within their species

Under a summer, Delphi-like sky
I feel an ancient Greek sanctuary
Within my Australian-hills garden
I’ve travelled to distant lands inside
My poem and this full journey is
The recipe of life that my garden
Continues to teach me and the lesson
Was in no way middle-class at all
As I know that people too must
Root and rise in order to bloom

©F Reynolds 7/1/19

Saturday, 5 January 2019

The greatest gift

I crave to go back
Back in time
To sit beside
The teenage
Version of myself
To give myself
The chance to
Dream fully
And to be a
Blank page in my
Own schoolbook
Where freedom
Of inscription
Was encouraged
I want to recall
What I laughed
About with friends
Sometimes, I think
I remember but
Like the mist that
Covers mountain tops
These recollections
Are incomplete files
Lost in the haze

If I beg the sky
Hard enough
To let my eyes
Spend the rest
Of their lives
Witnessing a
Time forgotten
I could give me
The comfort I
Deserve and
That would be
The greatest gift

©F Reynolds 5/1/19